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L’arte del Cucito is neapolitan textile company which has its origins in quality crafts that once were handed down from father to son, or actually from mother to his son in this case. 

This business is a natural evolution of a family tradition launched by mother Franca in 1965, which, at first she cuts and sews for another company and then she decides to work for her own by producing “façon” for a famous Neapolitan firm.  

But it is with Gianni, who inherits thanks to his mom the knowledge of fabrics  and the tricks of the trade and because of this , the business gains  its own independent  productive vocation that very soon, however, is directed to the growing needs of the sophisticated world of the banquet and more generally , the catering and hospitality. 

L’arte del Cucito, in fact, is the realization of an ambitious project of production packaging and sale of upholstery fabric and all the stuff that complete the furnishing of a lavish table  at a stylish ceremony with a particular attention to the relation between price and quality. But moreover, to the  various costumer needs. 

From this perspective, in fact, the company is in the best position to help, suggest and find the best solution to the issues proposed by the general managers of commercial structures , being able to produce and pack also customized and therefore satisfy every trend and every style.