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What we do

Artisan, italian trend, fair prices : those are , for two generations now, the main characteristic of Arte del Cucito products.

Our company in fact, is specialized in the production and manufacture of bespoke textile, both in standard sizes and conform to every particular need in different stylistic shapes : round tablecloths, square or buffet, in addition to chair covers, runner, couch cushions and outdoor chairs , all made with sartorial technique and the possible add of custom embroidery.

Our costumers are so : ceremony restaurants, catering, villas and location, industrial laundries and hotels.

L’arte del cucito is a company that uses exclusively material Made in Iitaly : we dye our fabrics only indantherene and we produce in height 3.54 m.

The average weight of each of our fabric is 800 grams per ml and we offer, if desired, also the chance to buy the fabric by meter

In addition we are able to re-produce fabrics that our customers already have, in the case we do not have in our trade fair, just to point out, we have more than 300 kinds between drawings and smooth bottom.

Even more than upholstery fabric, our company handles also sheets, pillowcases, sponges and bedspreads made of national canvas that in the case of specific needs, import.

L’arte del Cucito does not use third parties for the production of fabrics, which may be composed, according to costumer request, from polyester and cotton, 100% polyester, 100% cotton, linen blend and linen 100% (linen is a production made in Italy) and, obviously, the silk. In this latter case we can also get the precious silks of San Leucio.

We pack all the types of rims : simple one, a hood, a day or we put flounces and cords.

The round tablecloths are packed with the sloping ribbon.

The whole production and its packaging is followed by a strict quality supervision to ensure the costumer a great finished product.